Discussion: Gabriella Mocombe: a talented young poet and artist

Haiti-Observateur 6-13 septembre 2017

By Rosie Bourget

As mentioned in previous articles, our column does not only focus on personal development and politics, but also encourages, praises, and helps you discover our artists who are still in the shadows. Regardless of their area of expertise, as long as it’s not illegal, it’s always our pleasure to give them a round of applause to acknowledge their talents. We’ve noticed, however, that readers do not know much about young female artists in the Haitian diaspora. In this article, we are very excited to introduce to the general public a very talented and beautiful young lady by the name of Gabriella Mocombe also known as Gabi. She is a singer/guitarist/songwriter/lyricist, and a published author.

Meet the artist

Gabriella Mocombe is a 21-year-old Haitian Canadian. Born in Toronto, Ontario, she moved with her parents and younger sister to Miami, Florida at the age of 5. Although she returns to visit her family in Montreal yearly, she feels that she has become a true Miami native at heart. Being tri-lingual (French, English, Spanish) and a fluent “comprehender” of Creole, as she likes to put it, has allowed for heightened opportunities and a lot more conversations. Gabriella is in her third year at Florida International University and will be graduating this Fall semester with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Education.  Gabriella’s next academic steps include becoming a certified Eco-therapist, as well as beginning Graduate School in August of 2018. It is almost apparent that it is Gabriella’s best foot forward attitude, and her God-given intellect that has allowed her to excel at such a stupendous pace.

Aside from her success in academia, Gabriella is also a published author, of the book, “Seasons: Identifiable Poems”. As she has been an artist her entire childhood, poetry, singing, dancing, performing, and songwriting are not foreign concepts to Gabriella. She was singing and writing poems since she learned to hold a pencil. Like the saying “The apple never falls far from the tree.” Gabriella finds encouragement at home. Her mother, Florence, is no stranger to the performing arts either. Though she has dedicated her life to teaching, she and her husband, Pierre, serve as Gabriella’s home plate for artistic guidance and support. Gabi’s 18 year-old sister, Alexandra, also sports the artistic gene but is much less forward in displaying it.

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to hear this talented young lady sing, you are missing out.  According to her vision, she intends to take music to a higher level.  Gabi has yet to release any CD’s; nevertheless, she has been playing in various great events. Amongst her many other past and upcoming accomplishments, Gabriella is in the process of putting together an EP of tracks written since her early adolescence up to now.  She makes her debut into the poetry world with a series of beautiful poems written in English. Her first collection, titled “SEASONS” which is being sold at a very fast pace, was released in August, 2016.

Gabriella, or Gabi to her loved ones, finds joy in aiming everything she does as worship to God, who’s displayed such love and grace to her throughout her most blissful and also her toughest years. Gabriella enjoys hearing others’ stories and encouraging them to discover what God has set aside specifically for them. As she continues to grow, she reminds herself to give praise for every step, every new day and she is nothing but hopeful for what God will continue to do through, for, and around her.

Gabi is a brave young lady with a strong mind. Her parents Florence Clerval and Pierre Mocombe are very supportive of her. They believe in her passion, her talent, her dreams and goals, her future, and her incredible value and worth. Gabi learned from an early age to be loud and get noticed. She has a vivacious personality and loves being around open-minded people. Gabi hopes to inspire girls to remember who they used to be yesterday, celebrate who they are today, and prepare for the awesomeness that is to come tomorrow. Her combined talents and work ethic in the field of psychology will motivate and inspire other young women to pursue their own dreams with the same dedication and belief that Gabriella Mocombe possesses.

Below is a poem from her poetry book (Seasons), titled  “IF I AM LIKE A CLOUD”.

If I am like a cloud,

I am transparently solid.

From below, I cannot be permeated.

From above, I am fully covered.

But only from within,

Can you see how spaced out I am.

I long for a steady wind to push me along,

And only come down when what is inside

Can no longer be held up.

I am white.

That is my most pleasing beauty.

And even as I darken,

I am a blessing.

Gabi’s book can be found at http://www.blurb.com/b/8112748-seasons




Gabriella Mocombe

Gabriella Mocombe

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