My First Grandchild “Skylar”

baby skylar and grandma

By Rosie Bourget

That Sunday, when I heard you were on the way
I smiled and wiped a tear away !
Now that my sweet Skylar is here
I’ll do anything for you my dear !

If you can hear me from the rear
Know that Grandma is always near !
Being grandparent for the first time
Make me feel rich sometime !

I pause for a while
And I crack a smile !

Without wasting time
I cherish you from time to time !

Looking at you for the first time
I am having a good time !

I hug you so tight
You fill me with delight !

What a golden day
What a joy that comes my way!

The first time I hold you in my arms
Starts the miracle of your charms !

My first grandchild I love and enjoy
For we already share so much joy !

My little one, we’ll have fun
Because you’re my number one !

We’ll walk around the block
While we stroll and talk !

With no doubt in my mind
We’ll be side by side !

From time to time
For a very long time !

My adorable cute Sky
You are an angel from the sky !

As time goes by so fast
I‘ll leave you memories that will always last !

Your grandmother Rosie Bourget
September 13, 2015
4:30 pm


baby sky

By Rosie Bourget
Dedicated to my first grandchild Skylar!
Born August 30, 2015 9:37 am
In Mc Donough, Georgia

Cute as a button
Looking at everybody with no frown
I don’t hesitate
I say, that’s great !

That Sunday
Is not my birthday
But it’s sure Skylar’s birthdate
I have the reason to celebrate !

No need to bake a cake
No need to have a date
I just want to salute her arrival
Before the fall season arrival !
I’ll have cookies and chocolate swirl
To welcome a cute little girl
Who fills my heart with pride
Who inspires the joy I feel inside !

September 13, 2015
6:15 pm