Turning Illness into Wellness

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Terminology such as mental illness must be defined and de-stigmatized in order to remove barriers to attaining mental health and wellness. Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions or disorders that affect mood, thinking and behavior. Examples include, but are not limited to: depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors. These conditions can become impairments when they interfere with a person’s ability to function productively on a daily basis. Many factors contribute to mental health problems including: biological factors; genes or brain chemistry; life experiences such as trauma or abuse and family history. However, people with mental health problems can get better and full recovery is possible when they have access to mental health services and supports.

AFTER SPENDING THEIR TIME STALLINGS Sabine and Sean have tied the knot

Mr. & Mrs Stallings after the ceremony

By Rosie Bourget *

What a wonderful opportunity to make your ceremony unique and so much more meaningful by having family, friends, out of town guests and coworkers joining you to help shape your very special day into a celebration to remember !

Sabine Jean Francois, daughter of Ms. Rosie Bourget of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sean Stallings, son of Mitchell and Katherine Stallings of Atlanta, GA, were married March 30th, 2019. The ceremony and reception were held at Che’ne Rouge in Hiram, GA with Rev. Pastor Arthur Grier officiating at the ceremony. The description of the wedding dress was Ball Gown.

The groom’s mother works for Metro Atlanta Transit Authority. His father is a department manager for Kroger Grocery Store in Douglasville, GA. The bride’s mother is a school social worker for Broward County Public Schools in Florida. She received a master’s degree in Social Work from Barry University in Miami, FLORIDA. She is also a poet and a staff writer for Haiti-Observateur (a Haitian newspaper published in New York.) Moreover, Ms. Bourget has published three poetry books in three different languages, French, English and Creole.

Given in marriage by her brother Jovan Young-Jean Francois, a financial credit risk analyst at USAA in San Antonio, Texas. The bride was attended by her friends Crystal Davis, as maid of honor, a graduate of the University of Florida with a bachelor in Health Administration. She also holds a nursing degree from Broward College; and with Paris Nelms as matron of honor, a Florida International University (FIU) graduate with a Criminal Justice degree. The bridesmaids were Ashley Livingston, Tamala Sands, Kaylah Tate and Dominique Taborn. The flower girls, who followed the maid of honor, were Laila Davis, M’Kayla Stallings, and the couple’s daughters Skylar Marie Stallings pulling her baby sister Santanna Nia Stallings in a wagon. The best man was the middle brother of the groom, Julian Stallings, a math teacher with a bachelor in education from Georgia State University. Among those who served as groomsmen were Mitchell Stallings, Jr. who is also the big brother of the groom, Phil George, Brian Winkley, Mario Crowder, Tobias Brantley and Henry Halverson.

Born and raised in Miramar, Florida, the bride, 30, is a Claim Supervisor for GEICO in Macon, GA. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations. Enterprise Rent a Car as an assistant manager employed her before moving to Georgia. The groom, also 30, graduated from Stillman College with a master’s degree in Education and History. He is currently employed at Frederick Douglas High School as a Social Studies teacher. Additionally, Sean is a baseball and softball coach as well for the school. After their honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica, the new couple will reside in Atlanta, Georgia. Sabine and Sean met through a mutual friend, Phil George, at their friend’s house on their way to a party.

Sabine and Sean you have my support and love as a couple. and as a family. With all my heart, I congratulate the commitment you have made to each other on this day. May the love you share get deeper each passing day; you wake up next to each other ready to start each new day on the right foot, ready to live a life full of happiness, joy, and goodness. Congratulations on your union have a spectacular life together!

*Rosie Bourget is the mother of the bride

April 3, 2019



To my Daughter Sabine

By Rosie Bourget

I look at you at this moment

So ready to start a new life

So ready to face a new world

But in my heart, I’m thinking

Back to when I first held my little girl,

And I said to myself, gosh,

She is everything I dreamed

I hope she knows how proud I am

To have a daughter

As wonderful as her!


I look at you at this moment

And I’m thinking, it may be time

to let my girl go for good,

but the things I’m keeping for

myself, are my precious memories!


As the time has come for you

to transition from daughter to wife,

May success find its way to your heart.

Tomorrow may bring you the greatest of joy

But today is the day it all starts!


May you and Sean be each other’s

sun and moon as your destinies unfold.

And should you lose sight of each other

and start to drift apart,

May you circle back by following

The compass of your hearts!

March 30, 2019

The bride's mother & uncle entering the reception area

Harcèlement, Viol et Agression Sexuelle! Quelle Différence ? Comment Se Manifestent-Ils?

Par Rosie Bourget

Qu’est-ce qui nous incite à publier ce billet

Suite aux actes de viol dans la zone métropolitaine de Port-au-Prince, dont sont victimes beaucoup étudiantes d’universités en revenant de l’école, le débat sur les violences sexuelles revient sur le tapis. Alors que des membres d’organisations féministes déplorent ces agressions sexuelles et demandent aux jeunes femmes de jouer la carte de la prudence et de la vigilance, certains internautes sont choqués par les propos tenus dans l’émission “Vision 2000 à l’Ecoute”. Cependant, dans un pays, disons mieux, dans une savane comme Haïti, où la dignité et la valeur humaines ne sont plus de mise, prodiguer des conseils avisés aux jeunes filles n’est pas faire l’apologie du viol. Au contraire, loin de faire l’avocat du diable, l’animateur de la rubrique, Valery Numa, devrait être félicité pour avoir fait le travail des ministères des Affaires Sociales et à la Condition Féminine.

C’est quoi le viol

Le Viol a une définition précise. « Tout acte de pénétration non consenti que ce soit au sein d’un couple ou dans un schéma différent, (Vaginale, sodomie, fellation forcée, y compris avec les doigts ou un objet), commis sur la personne d’autrui, par violence, contrainte, menace ou surprise ». L’Agression Sexuelle se défini comme un acte de violence et tous les autres faits dépourvus de pénétration de manière physique ou psychologique, et ce comprenant de simples attouchements sur les parties sexuelles du corps, contre la volonté de la personne agressée.

Contrairement au Viol qui est un crime, une Agression Sexuelle constitue un délit. Donc la grande différence entre le Viol et l’Agression Sexuelle réside dans le fait qu’il y ait ou non pénétration. En revanche, le Harcèlement sexuel se limite à des propos et des avances à caractère sexuel qui vont à l’encontre de la volonté d’une personne et qui sont de nature à porter atteinte à sa dignité, à son intégrité physique ou psychique ou encore à mettre en péril son emploi. Ou bien, harceler autrui dans le but d’obtenir des faveurs sexuelles. Il peut s’agir de manifestations physiques (des attouchements sur les parties non-intimes du corps, comme les mains, le dos, les cheveux ou le visage) ou verbales (propos tendancieux, remarques déplacées, plaisanteries sexistes, commentaires grossiers ou embarrassants, invitations gênantes,  menace de représailles ou de toutes autres pressions, chantage).

Il peut s’agir également de questions ou de confidences intimes, de gestes ayant une connotation sexuelle ou d’une présentation non-sollicitée d’images pornographiques. De plus, il peut entraîner des conséquences dramatiques sur la vie sociale et familiale (isolement, rupture, etc.). Par définition, le Harcèlement comme les violences se passent dans le huis clos. Pour prouver le Harcèlement, on doit par exemple montrer des courriels/courriers, des messages textes, des appels téléphoniques sans cesse.

Quand le Harcèlement s’exerce dans le cadre du travail, c’est plus compliqué car il y a un rapport hiérarchique, de domination. Le Harcèlement Sexuel consiste ainsi en des agissements (cela peut notamment être des ordres, des menaces, des pressions, etc.) dont le but est d’obtenir des faveurs de nature sexuelle. Il peut s’agir d’actes répétés ou d’un seul acte. Et il est important de bien noter que le Harcèlement n’implique évidemment pas que la personne visée ait cédé aux avances du harceleur. Entre dans cette catégorie toute formes de pressions exercées directement ou indirectement en vue de faire cette personne changer d’avis. En général, le Harcèlement Sexuel est constitué d’actes répétitifs, dans certaines circonstances cependant, un acte isolé peut aussi être considéré comme tel. On se fout pas mal du consentement de l’autre, on agit contre sa volonté en le considérant comme un objet…a suivre



My Little Girl (Hindi Translation Of Poem By Rosie Bourget) – Poem by Rajnish Manga

My Little Girl by Rosie Bourget
Hindi Translation by Rajnish Manga
मेरी नन्हीं बच्ची (मूल रचना: रोज़ी बॉरजेट)
हिंदी अनुवाद रजनीश मंगा द्वारा

मैं हैरान हूँ कि तुम कितनी जल्दी बड़ी हो गई हो
एक बातूनी छोटी सी, प्यारी सी बच्ची से
एक खूबसूरत, समझदार, दयालु,
सम्मानित और मेहनती युवती के रूप में.
मुझे अपने भाग्य पर यकीन नहीं होता कि तुम्हें मैंने
अपनी बेटी के रूप में पाया जो मेरी एक मित्र भी है
जो मेरे लिए बहुत मूल्यवान है और जिसे मैं दिल से चाहती हूँ.
मुझे पता है कि अब मैं तुम्हारा हाथ पकड़ कर हर सुबह
तुम्हें तुम्हारी क्लास तक नहीं ले जा सकती,
मगर मैं तुम्हें ज़िंदगी भर अपने कलेजे से लगा कर ज़रूर रखूंगी.

This is a translation of the poem My Little Girl by Rosie Bourget

(Rajnish Manga is grateful to Ms Rosie Bourget for having granted her permission to translate this poem into Hindi)



To My Daughter Sabine

By Rosie Bourget

I look at you at this moment

So ready to start a new life

So ready to face a new world

But in my heart, I’m thinking back

To when I first held my little girl,

And I said to myself, gosh,

She is everything I dreamed

I hope she knows how proud I am

To have a daughter

As wonderful as her !

I look at you at this moment

And I’m thinking,

It may be time to let my girl go for good,

But the things I’m keeping for myself,

Are my precious memories !

As the time has come for you

To transition from daughter to wife,

May success find its way to your heart.

Tomorrow may bring you the greatest of joy

But today is the day it all starts!

May you and Sean be each other’s sun and moon

As your destinies unfold.

And should you lose sight of each other

And start to drift apart,

May you circle back by following

The compass of your hearts !

Mother of The Bride Speech

March 30, 2019

Good evening everyone. Welcome!

My name is Rosie, and I am the mother of the bride.

I would like to thank you for joining us today,

Especially those who have traveled a long way.

We could not be more honored by your presence here

 To celebrate the marriage of my daughter Sabine

 And her other half Sean.

There is a reason I am giving this speech today

And that is because Sabine always speaks highly of me.

I figure her wedding day is the perfect occasion

Not only to return the favor,

But also to shine a light on my daughter,

And express my pride and my love for the new couple.

My speech is like a mini skirt,

Long enough to cover the essentials,

And short enough to hold your attention.

Sabine, I’m going to take this opportunity

To apologize for one thing that I did to you

 While you were growing up.

I am sorry for making you go to bed

Every night at 8:30 from preschool

Until you graduated high school,

As it may have helped make you

 Who you are today.

Sabine is the sunshine to all the people who know her

And truly, the most beautiful gift

And blessing I have ever been given.

It is with magnificent love and delight

That I stand here today

To wish my beautiful daughter,

A blessed life, full of happiness and joy.

As a child Sabine surrounded herself with a lot of friends.

Some of whom are here today.

She was always happy,

Always finding good in all human beings

Whether they are classmates, neighbors,

Acquaintances and friends,

Everyone she meets is touched by her kindness.

Sabine, as a little girl,

I remember how talkative you were in kindergarten

To the point that Sister Isabel who was the principal

Of Corpus Christie Catholic School,

Rewarded you for being

The most talkative student in the classroom.

She gave you a card and

On the cover page was a parrot.

If you knew how to read between the lines,

She meant to say you talked like a parrot.

It’s amazing how you have grown

From a talkative, pretty little girl

Into a beautiful, intelligent, caring,

Respectful and hardworking young woman.

I am incredibly lucky to have you

As a daughter as well as a friend

Who I value and treasure with all my heart.

I understand that I can no longer hold your hand

 To walk you to class every morning,

But I will always hold you onto my heart.

I would like to say a few words to Sean’s parents

Cathy and Mitchell Stallings

For doing such a great job

 Raising such a wonderful son.

I couldn’t wish for a better man

 For Sabine than Sean.

I would also like to take a moment

To welcome Sean into the family

And thank him for the joy and happiness

He brings my daughter.

I was delighted when Sabine met Sean

And brought him home for the first time.

Sean, you may have not married

The woman you want to live with.

However, you have married the woman

 You cannot live without.

Now that the two of you become one

And are heading on an amazing journey together,

 I hope the love you share will make you feel

Cherished but not spoiled,

 Directed but not controlled,

Wanted but not possessed.

The book of marriage has many chapters.

Even though some of them are difficult,

They can be easy to understand 

It depends on how you read them.

As you start reading the first chapter from this day forward,

Remember that saying,

“There is no such thing as a perfect marriage”.

Nevertheless, when you make mistakes,

Always take steps to correct them.

My greatest advices to you are that,

When times get tough, remember your wedding day.

Remember the promises you made

And the vows you exchanged.

Use the light you have found in each other

To brighten your love and bring it fresh charm.

A marriage is like a partnership

Whose purpose is the management of a shared life.

You are partners, not adversaries in a contest.

You will either win together or you will lose together.

Treat your partner as you would like to be treated.

Go out of your way to make your partner feel unique.

Be completely transparent with each other.

Be your partner’s mentor and learn from each other.

Consider your partner’s feelings when making big decisions.

And more importantly, communicate with your partner

Because poor communication is the number one weakness

 Of even the most successful marriage.

 Success in marriage is not only finding the right person,

It is being the right person.

Sabine and Sean

You have my support and love for you as a couple,

And as a family.

With all my heart I congratulate the commitment

 You have made to each other today.

May you both have a long, happy, healthy life,

And a love that grows stronger

With each passing day!

Rosie Bourget

What happens if I can’t forgive someone?

Forgiveness can be challenging, especially if the person who’s hurt you doesn’t admit wrong. If you find yourself stuck:

  • Practice empathy. Try seeing the situation from the other person’s point of view.
  • Ask yourself why he or she would behave in such a way. Perhaps you would have reacted similarly if you faced the same situation.
  • Reflect on times you’ve hurt others and on those who’ve forgiven you.
  • Write in a journal, pray or use guided meditation or talk with a person you’ve found to be wise and compassionate, such as a spiritual leader, a mental health provider, or an impartial loved one or friend.
  • Be aware that forgiveness is a process, and even small hurts may need to be revisited and forgiven over and over again.