By Rosie Bourget

April 18 is my birth date

As the title states, that’s great

How can I celebrate

When my heart won’t stop vibrate?


I welcome each challenge this year offers me
through hardship I’ve traveled

I’ve conquered in stride

Oh, poor me! I’ve cried inside!


No one is near

To wipe a single tear

No one sings happy birthday to me
But me!


On this very special day

No one notices today is the day
Let alone has the courtesy to say

Enjoy your day!


Today, I get one year older

But I steel feel like a little toddler

You see, age does not matter

It’s just a greater number!


Thus with no one around

I sit here alone

And sing myself a lovely song

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!




Happy World Poetry Day 2016

This year’s calendar holds something for everyone,

from aspiring to established poets,

and from those who enjoy poetry

to those who think poetry isn’t for them.

Anyone can get involved in the poetry community,

discover worldwide poets,

share their own work or find out what it is all about.

Happy world poetry day to all the poets in the world.


Be Mine

Valentine day
May be a sad day
For those who have no lover
They want this day to finally be over!

Some people are just fine
Enjoying chocolate tonight
Having a good time
With their valentine!

Their relationship is so bright
More powerful than the sun light
They seem to be glad
While others are mad!

My dear imaginary valentine
To you, I’ll never lie
I’m running out of words to finish my line
I can’t write another line!

Oh no! I’m so shy
Without someone to call « Mine »
I guess I’ll just say
Will you please be My Valentine?



It’s Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day,
The day to treasure people who
Have often crossed your mind
Family and friends who are in your life
The treasure chest of your heart
Wrapped in tissue all above
And tied with ribbons of love
That nothing can tear apart!

It’s Valentine’s Day,
The day to show them love too
That you’ll feel special all day through
A day to hold them close
Like the petals of a rose
To tell them they make each day the best
And each laugh the longest!

It’s Valentine’s Day,
A day for you to say
In your own special way
They are the most caring person
That you have ever met
There is no one like them
And that you can bet!

It’s valentine’s Day,
They make your life worthwhile
It’s also a day to let them know
It’s not just today, but always
That you will love them so!

It’s Valentine’s Day,
With your loved ones, a good reason
To see the sun set on the horizon!


Rosie Bourget



The mountain land
That resists powerful winds
The pearl of the Caribbean!


The public fountain
That needs a helping hand
To maintain its land!


The neglected land
That needs blood in its veins
To beautify its mountains!


Alleviate its pain
So it can fly with its own wings
And do its own things!


A beautiful woman
In need of a gentleman
To understand her pain!


My mother land
In spite of the pain
You still stand with an empty hand!


When I look at you my friend
Blood stops flowing in my brain!
And I have back pain!


I wish I had money to spend
To help you maintain
Your highest mountains!


What a pain!
Will you ever stand
To take control of your land?


Oh! What a beautiful land!
With so many green mountains
That in 1804 took its freedom in vain!



Jacmel Seaside Haiti

Haïti Perle Des Antilles

Par Rosie Bourget

Haïti Perle Des Antilles
Terre montagneuse
Terre malheureuse
Terre généreuse
Mais mal chanceuse
Tel est mon pays.

Haïti perle des Antilles
Terre prospère
Abusée par son père
Exploitée par les colons
Bafouée par des cons
Tel est mon pays.

Haïti perle des Antilles
Tes traces de la liberté
Reste ta seule et unique identité
Mon pays
Jamais, jamais, jamais !
Un trésor qui ne périra jamais.


HAITI cote-des-arcadins


By Rosie Bourget

With no doubt you agreed
When you’re in need
Your family is all you need.

Your family is your back bone
That makes you feel strong
Whether you’re right or wrong
You are precious to everyone.

Each time you get together
The family grows stronger
No time for anger
It’s all about laughter.

Your family is your rolling stone
When your family is strong
Nobody left alone
Everybody gets alone.

Father, mother, daughter, and son
Granddaughter and grandson
You’re not on your own
It’s all in one.

Your family is forever
From January to December
Keep your family in your prayer
You’ll always be together.


December 29, 2015


By Rosie Bourget

When Nancy is misbehaving
You take her to the parking
And give her a good whipping
To make sure she is listening.

How about advocating
For effective parenting
Rather than thinking
About whipping!

One of the best tools of good parenting
Is Active listening
It’s important to listen without judging
Of course, it can be boring

But when you are active listening,
You care about what your child is saying
You free him up to focus on his own feelings
Perhaps, even clarifying his own thinking.


By Rosie Bourget

We all want a diamond piece
But very few seek for peace
With retaliation in mind
How will we find
The peace of mind?

Do you want peace?
There will be peace
When at least
All wars cease
In the Middle East
If there is peace
The dead will rest in peace

When there is peace
Happiness does increase
When there is peace
Nightmares decrease
Still want a diamond piece?
First, let’s make peace
Then you will get the diamond piece.

December 25, 2015


Par Rosie Bourget

Mieux vaut tôt que jamais
Permettez que je vous envoie mes vœux
Quelques instants avant le passage à la nouvelle année.
Dans peu de temps, l’an 2016 frappera à nos portes
L’une des rares traditions qui unit les hommes à travers le monde
C’est celle des vœux du Nouvel An.

Que puis-je vous souhaiter pour la nouvelle année ?
Que puis-je vous offrir pour la nouvelle année ?

Un petit message d’amour pour vous remonter le moral
Une santé de fer pour démarrer le nouveau cycle
Des sourires, pour chasser la tristesse,
De délicieux bonheurs quotidiens,
Entouré de sublimes douceurs,
D’amitiés, de franches rigolades,
La fougue et la force d’aller toujours de l’avant
Deux fois plus de réussite dans vos projets,

De bonnes idées pour toucher en plein cœur
Les personnes qui vous sont chères
Du courage, pour continuer à avancer
Une coupe de champagne et pleine de bulles de joie
C’est le moindre que vous méritez,
Santé, bonheur, amour, réussite
Voilà des choses que vous méritez
Et que je vous souhaite pour la nouvelle année !

Que le chemin de l’année 2016
Soit parsemé d’éclats de joie,
De pétales de plaisir,
Qu’il soit éclairé par l’étincelle de l’amour
Et la lueur de l’amitié.
Savourez chaque seconde du nouvel an
Croyez en vos plus beaux rêves
Et vos vœux seront exaucés !

Bonne et heureuse année !

27 décembre 2015

bonne annee 2016 mes amis