Discussion: It’s Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day,
The day to treasure people who
Have often crossed your mind
Family and friends who are in your life
The treasure chest of your heart
Wrapped in tissue all above
And tied with ribbons of love
That nothing can tear apart!

It’s Valentine’s Day,
The day to show them love too
That you’ll feel special all day through
A day to hold them close
Like the petals of a rose
To tell them they make each day the best
And each laugh the longest!

It’s Valentine’s Day,
A day for you to say
In your own special way
They are the most caring person
That you have ever met
There is no one like them
And that you can bet!

It’s valentine’s Day,
They make your life worthwhile
It’s also a day to let them know
It’s not just today, but always
That you will love them so!

It’s Valentine’s Day,
With your loved ones, a good reason
To see the sun set on the horizon!


Rosie Bourget

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