Discussion: HAITI


The mountain land
That resists powerful winds
The pearl of the Caribbean!


The public fountain
That needs a helping hand
To maintain its land!


The neglected land
That needs blood in its veins
To beautify its mountains!


Alleviate its pain
So it can fly with its own wings
And do its own things!


A beautiful woman
In need of a gentleman
To understand her pain!


My mother land
In spite of the pain
You still stand with an empty hand!


When I look at you my friend
Blood stops flowing in my brain!
And I have back pain!


I wish I had money to spend
To help you maintain
Your highest mountains!


What a pain!
Will you ever stand
To take control of your land?


Oh! What a beautiful land!
With so many green mountains
That in 1804 took its freedom in vain!



Jacmel Seaside Haiti

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