Discussion: ON MY BIRTHDAY

By Rosie Bourget

April 18 is my birth date

As the title states, that’s great

How can I celebrate

When my heart won’t stop vibrate?


I welcome each challenge this year offers me
through hardship I’ve traveled

I’ve conquered in stride

Oh, poor me! I’ve cried inside!


No one is near

To wipe a single tear

No one sings happy birthday to me
But me!


On this very special day

No one notices today is the day
Let alone has the courtesy to say

Enjoy your day!


Today, I get one year older

But I steel feel like a little toddler

You see, age does not matter

It’s just a greater number!


Thus with no one around

I sit here alone

And sing myself a lovely song

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!




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