Being a Strong Black Woman

beaute noire fonce et mouchoir jaune

By Rosie Bourget

Most black women know love
That’s why they give love
When it’s their turn
To receive love
They get played as a yoyo in return.

A strong black woman
Doesn’t have preferential treatment
To voice concern is discontentment
When she is kind, they think it’s a weakness
When she keeps silence, they think she is speechless.

A strong black woman
Believes in herself
Takes good care of herself
Makes it all by herself
Is proud of herself.

A strong black woman,
Because she is black
Her character is constantly under attack
She is a fake if she assimilates
She is faced with hate all over the place.

A strong black woman
Controls her frustrations
Does not believe in division
Has a dabble of endurance
Is always willing to take her chance.

When black women ask questions
People don’t pay attention
Some even say they don’t care
Black women’s questions mean, they are unaware
They advancement is somehow unfair.

A strong black woman
Doesn’t act like a fool
She is never doubtful
But always hopeful
Because she is beautiful.

February 4, 2015

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