My First Grandchild “Skylar”

baby skylar and grandma

By Rosie Bourget

That Sunday, when I heard you were on the way
I smiled and wiped a tear away !
Now that my sweet Skylar is here
I’ll do anything for you my dear !

If you can hear me from the rear
Know that Grandma is always near !
Being grandparent for the first time
Make me feel rich sometime !

I pause for a while
And I crack a smile !

Without wasting time
I cherish you from time to time !

Looking at you for the first time
I am having a good time !

I hug you so tight
You fill me with delight !

What a golden day
What a joy that comes my way!

The first time I hold you in my arms
Starts the miracle of your charms !

My first grandchild I love and enjoy
For we already share so much joy !

My little one, we’ll have fun
Because you’re my number one !

We’ll walk around the block
While we stroll and talk !

With no doubt in my mind
We’ll be side by side !

From time to time
For a very long time !

My adorable cute Sky
You are an angel from the sky !

As time goes by so fast
I‘ll leave you memories that will always last !

Your grandmother Rosie Bourget
September 13, 2015
4:30 pm


baby sky

By Rosie Bourget
Dedicated to my first grandchild Skylar!
Born August 30, 2015 9:37 am
In Mc Donough, Georgia

Cute as a button
Looking at everybody with no frown
I don’t hesitate
I say, that’s great !

That Sunday
Is not my birthday
But it’s sure Skylar’s birthdate
I have the reason to celebrate !

No need to bake a cake
No need to have a date
I just want to salute her arrival
Before the fall season arrival !
I’ll have cookies and chocolate swirl
To welcome a cute little girl
Who fills my heart with pride
Who inspires the joy I feel inside !

September 13, 2015
6:15 pm


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Par Rosie Bourget

Extrait de « Istwa Kreyòl »
Nèg a pari
Se w bann malapri
Ki pa nan plezantri.
Yo pran premye pri
Nan kase pari
E yo pa kon ri.
Anvan anyen yo pran lari
Ninpòt ti bri
Yo tonbe kouri.
Yo pale dri
Et yo fè bri
Pi mal pase chovsouri.
Yo renmen fi
Ki gen bèl souri
Tankou asefi.
Yo renmen fi
ki kon kwit bon diri ak tritri
Menm jan ak fifi.
Nou menm jèn fi
Si nou pa vle leve kouri
Piga nou pran Nèg a pari.

15 aout 2014