Discussion: A Little Nugget for Mark Burns (the impostor)

The Talion law says “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” meaning a retaliation authorized by law, in which the punishment corresponds in kind and degree to the injury. What is more disgraceful than seeing a jet black peasant pastor, a former slave like Mark Burns, the so-called televangelist who has forgotten his roots? Or, better yet, has no memory of where he came from to get where he is today.

Not only Mark Burns should be thankful for plantation, but also for Christopher Columbus who brought him to America to serve the slave master like Donald Trump. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to use the bible to take advantage of the disadvantaged, to live like a rock star, to mislead the African American community. While giving an interview on national television, that impostor stated,” They are not Americans, they are Haitians.” Precious Lord, I am sorry for my sins. Does Mark Burns look at himself in the mirror to see the color of his skin? Is he American native?

It appears that Mark Burns feels completely lost. Perhaps that empty minded peasant pastor needs to be reminded of his famous background. Unless he is diagnosed with dementia, he is not American either. For the record, Mark Burns was sold and deported from Africa as slave. For his information, the real Americans are the Indians. If slavery never would have happened then Mark Burns would still be living in Africa.

Your job as a man of God is to do something meaningful to help someone else, to have a positive impact in people’s lives, to protest/fight racism and social injustice in the spirit of Dr. King, to denounce the slaughtering of unarmed Black folks by police, not the other way around, not to throw gasoline on the fires of racial conflict, not by kissing up to a racist. If you were a real pastor you should be standing with your courageous fellow brothers now, instead of teaming up with a mentally unstable person against them. May you burn in hell Mark Burns for supporting the racism movement happening in the United States as we speak.

Rosie Bourget


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