Discussion: You Made It

By Rosie Bourget


Dedicated to my daughter Sarah


I’m not surprised of your achievement

I’m just impressed you made it with contentment

Unsure of the path you’d go,

I thought you were going to let go.


You have proven that it was not a lack of interest

It was a matter of what’s in your best interest

I’ve been there for you every step of the way

I’ve seen the will that you carried all the way.


Bullying, name calling, still you didn’t give in

You’ve been down, and you’ve been in

But I never had a doubt despite all

You wouldn’t make it through it all.


Yes, you made it through it all

And I salute your effort even if it’s small.

Best wishes for your next adventure

Blessings and prayers for your future.

June 5, 2017





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