Discussion: My Thanksgiving Is Not Happy

By Rosie Bourget

When I think of those who are sleeping in the street,

how could my Thanksgiving be sweet!


When I look at my brothers and sisters, who have nothing to eat,

I just take a seat and think about it.


Imagine those who are in hospice today,

waiting for the D-day!


Imagine those who are incarcerated

who don’t remember thanksgiving but instead,

counting down their release day!


Imagine those who have no love, no family,

those who can’t afford to buy a turkey

to share with their friends and family!


Imagine those who are depressed and lonely!

Imagine hearing someone says “I’m hungry”!

Imagine having family fleeing civil war in Turkey!


Can their Thanksgiving be happy?

Oh no, it’s so not funny.


You may not be one of them,

you may have a happier life than them,

but you’re not better than them.


For these reasons, you should have many reasons

to count your blessings this Thanksgiving season

a perfect way to start your holiday season.



November 24, 2016


2 réflexions sur “Discussion: My Thanksgiving Is Not Happy

  1. Thank you for the bittersweet Thanksgiving poem my dear Rosie. As we gobble down all of our wonderfully prepared meal and as we share hugs and prayers on this special day with loved ones, it behooves us all to think of and include the less fortunate in our prayers and to also share our bounty with them when possible.


    • As we celebrate our bounty, we have to consider those less fortunate throughout the country and across the world. There are many who have barely enough to get by day to day, let alone celebrate the holidays. And with recent disasters, there are many who may not even make it through today. Thanks Judith for your input.


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