By Rosie Bourget
Right from the very start,
You are a source of love and support

A tower of strength,
who would go to any length
You mean so many things,
In a million different ways
And even if you are sick or tired,
you go to work each day
You don’t dress just to impress,
To me you are the best

You know what’s important,
And your family is put first
When things aren’t going right,
You are my guiding light
In a kind and thoughtful way,
No matter what comes your way
You work long hours every day,
To make an average pay
Teaching me wrong from right,
Now that I’m mindful from left to right

So richly blessed is how I feel,
For having a father just like you
When I think about you father,
And the years we’ve had to share
I’m thankful just to know,
That love is always there
There’s always a place for you,
Deep in my heart
To others you are a simple man,
But to me you are the greatest man

I’ll treasure your golden heart,
As long as I shall live
With all you give and all you do,
My hero will always be you
June 9, 2015

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