By Rosie Bourget

barbecue cart grill

Today is World Women’s Day
Although it’s not a federal holiday
Let us have a barbecue our own way
To get the stress out of the way
So we can have a wonderful day!

We expect nothing at the end of the day
But it’s so much easier to slip away
For a good get away
In order to enjoy our day
Before gusty winds blow our mind away!

Because one day
Whether or not it’s a productive day
Whether there is way or no way
Light will come our way anyway
To make World Women’s Day
A memorable day!

Oh, but who cares by the way?
On a busy Women’s Day
We make five grand a day
March 8th, is an interesting day
To make world Women’s Day
Our own special day!

To every phenomenal woman out there today
Who finds ways to enlighten our day
Who wipes our tears away
When obstacles get in our way
Have a super World Women’s Day!

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