By Rosie Bourgetrosie en mauve les pieds croises

Now that Halloween customs
And pumpkins are gone,
We can go around
And say, Thanksgiving is around!

The dining room is filled with pilgrims
Gravy, salad and whole grains
Cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie
A savory delight
And the big golden brown turkey
For the friends and family party!

Thanksgiving is around!
It’s fall harvest
Everybody looks fine
Waiting for the meal to be blessed
All ready to dine
With plenty of food to digest!

Thanksgiving is around!
I won’t be around
I’m going out of town
To ride Merry Go-round
You don’t want to gain more pounds
Don’t travel from town to town
Looking for the best food in town!

Turkey  GuatemalaOn Thanksgiving Day
When I take a good look
At what people cook
I’m glad I’m not a turkey
Or I would go hide in Turkey
With the master key
So no one could find me!

As Thanksgiving Day approaches
Let’s forget about bad approaches
Let’s start giving
And be thankful for receiving!

Thanksgiving is around!
With the family all around
Clean, dressed, smiling around
Looking full of grace
Saying the same grace
God is great, God is good
Thank you Lord for all that food!

Hooray! Hooray!
It’s Thanksgiving Day!
For this feast
There is so much eat
Let’s not be late
To fill our plates!

Dear precious friends
On this Thanksgiving Day
A very special day
Do you know without you
Life would be a bore?

Having you on board
Is what I’m thankful for
To all of you
Happy thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving banner

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